Justin Bieber’s paralysis: what is this Ramsay Hunt syndrome from which the singer suffers?

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The singer has received many messages of support since announcing that he will take a break to regain his health.

Pop star Justin Bieber announced on Friday June 10 that he is taking a break from his career after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

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This condition manifests after contracting the varicella virus and affects the facial nerve. It is for this reason that one of the manifestations of this syndrome is peripheral paralysis of the face, as shown by the Canadian singer in a video posted on Instagram.

This syndrome can affect anyone who has had chickenpox before and can lead to long-term complications, such as post-herpetic neuralgia, which manifests as chronic pain.

“I’m going to get better!”

But it is entirely possible to cure Ramsay Hunt syndrome with a treatment of antivirals to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as painkillers that reduce pain.

Justin Bieber does not specify in his video what treatment he follows, but he explains that he does regular exercises for his face.

“I’m going to get better! My face will go back to normal, it’s going to happen eventually, even if we don’t know how long it will take,” says the singer.

“I hope you understand that I need this time to rest and get back on my feet 100% to be able to do what I was born to do. But at the moment it is not possible”, he concluded.

In the meantime, the Canadian has announced that he is taking a break from his concerts and performances.

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