Laëtitia Provenchère (Large families) widow: this terrible decision she had to make

Since last March, Laetitia Provenchere shares his daily life on TF1 in Large families, life in XXL. As soon as she arrived, she touched the viewers a lot with her life story. And for good reason, the 35-year-old mother became a widow not so long ago. Indeed, she unfortunately lost her husband Guillaume following an accident at work. In just two days, she found herself then a single mother of her eldest Nolann (3 years old) and pregnant with triplets, Emmy, Lyna and Noëlya (now one year old).

Laëtitia Provenchère agreed to come back to this drama and its circumstances during the podcast The whirlwind.I am two months pregnant exactly, the day of his death, so August 10th. In fact, Guillaume had a fall two days earlier. A fall during an intervention. (…) Unfortunately, he fell on his head. (…) He underwent two operations and after the two days of hospitalization, we were told that unfortunately there was no possible hope“, she recalled.

Married to Guillaume, Laëtitia then had a very difficult decision to make. “As we were married, I have to give my consent as a woman to unplug my husband“, she explained. To pass this stage, the young woman specifies having all the same”accompanied by (her) sisters-in-law and (her) mother-in-law. After which, another important milestone awaited him: that of talking to his son Nolann, who was only two years old at the time. And Laëtitia Provenchère has from the beginning, despite his young age, decided to be completely honest with him. “‘Dad, he had a very big sore in the head, he died‘”, she told him. And to justify his choice: “I know these are words that can hurt, but he needed to hear it and today he is very aware of things. (…) I was very proud of him, already, because he is amazing. He understood things very well and, today, he talks about it in all simplicity and that’s what I wanted. I didn’t want taboo.”

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