Laurent Delahousse: What does Florence Kieffer, the mother of his daughters, look like?

The first woman in his life is named Florence Kieffer. Journalist by training, the one who has long been nicknamed the “Ken du Paf” had found his double in this pretty brunette with black eyes with whom he shared the same passion for information and current affairs.

Daughter of Jacques Kieffer, a famous advertising founder of the Cerca agency, and sister of Tina Kieffer – journalist noticed by the general public for her position as a columnist on the show frou Frou by Christine Bravo and editor-in-chief of the magazine Marie Claire – Florence had two daughters with the beautiful blonde with blue eyes: Liv Helen born in 2005 and Sacha born in 2008. Moreover, at the time of their meeting, Florence was already the mother of a little boy named Raphaël born from a previous union.

During her career, Florence studied at CELSA before working on the M6 ​​channel in various news reporting programs such as Restricted zone Where The Right to Know in which she notably made a documentary on counterfeit cigarettes called The Tobacco War.

Together, the couple formed a beautiful blended family as the journalist confided in an interview with the magazine Madame Figaro in 2010, when he revealed that his children were his most successful and most precious part of his life. “My children, Liv-Helen and Sacha, and the love I have for my son-in-law, Raphaël“, he said with great affection.

Unfortunately in 2013, everything stops and the couple decides to separate. Discreet throughout their love story, the couple remained so at the time of their breakup since none of the journalists wanted to reveal the causes of their separation.

Following this breakup, Laurent Delahousse fell in love with Alice Taglioni, whom he met for the first time on the set of France 2 in 2012. Together, they became parents of a little girl Swann born on February 7 2016 but also a boy named Lino, born at the end of 2019.

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