Lidl offers a real pizza oven at an incredible price!

Lidl is an almost inexhaustible source of good deals. Customers who want to consume smart know that they will find bargains not to be missed. The German brand offers discount prices all year round and on all departments. Shopping without breaking the bank is a real challenge. Lidl thus enables many households to consume a variety of products at a reasonable cost. In addition to the references present throughout the year, Lidl also makes special offers every week. Depending on the season, it is therefore possible to have fun without making your banker cry! In addition to food, Lidl has also become a reference for low-cost household equipment. With its ranges of household appliances or gardening, the brand often strikes very hard. In this barbecue season, Lidl has also thought of pizza fans. The stores put on sale a very practical barbecue pizza oven.

Lidl offers its pizza oven

Lidl offers you to cook your pizzas directly on the barbecue. Thanks to this specific oven, you will find all the flavors of real traditional cooking for your pizzas. This pizza oven is suitable for barbecuess coal and gas. It will be installed directly on the grill of your barbecue. Be careful however, its weight of 5 kg will require a strong grid to avoid any risk. This Lidl pizza oven measures 40 × 35 × 14 cm in total. The baking stone itself measures 30×30×1cm. This gives you a nice surface to cook family pizzas without any problem. Removable, this stone will be easy to clean for optimal maintenance. It is made of cordierite. This refractory material offers optimum resistance to very high temperatures. This will allow you to cook your pizza dough perfectly.

Perfect pizzas… with the Lidl barbecue oven

Lidl has planned everything for a maximum of flavors. The baking stone also allows perfect absorption of humidity. This will guarantee you a crispy batter. The bottom of the oven is perforated for better air circulation. Thus, the cooking will be optimal and homogeneous on the whole of the product. You can always keep an eye on the temperature thanks to the built-in thermostat. Installed on the upper part of the oven, it allows simple and quick control. Lidl also invites you to test this oven with your baguettes and other breads. You will be able to reheat the purchases of your bakery or simply bake your own breads. This barbecue pizza oven will only cost you 59.99 euros. All the more reason to get started and become the family’s pizza maker. It’s much better and healthier than industrial!

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