Marion Cotillard “embarrassed”: this embarrassing situation experienced with George Clooney

Marion Cotillard still continues to shine in the cinema. A few days ago, the 46-year-old actress climbed the steps of the Cannes Film Festival one by one to present Sibling, by Arnaud Desplechin, alongside Melvil Poupaud and Golshifteh Farahani. The projects are still linked, between play in Madrid and filming of Lee, an American film by Ellen Kuras in which Kate Winslet will star. One foot in France, the other in the United States, Marion Cotillard manages as best she can her life as an international actress and that, more discreet, of mother of Marcel and Louis, fruit of her story with the filmmaker Guillaume Canet.

It is thanks to the role attributed to him by Olivier Dahan in The kid that Marion Cotillard was able to export her talent across the Atlantic. After a wild success in France, the film is presented in the United States and ends up nominated in several categories at the Oscars. The team of The kid is then expected at a round table to which all the stars in competition are invited. Marion Cotillard feels very small, she who lives a waking dream by crossing the eyes of the great directors with whom she has always wanted to shoot. In her wake, Marion Cotillard also met George Clooney, a gentleman but not too much.

Amal Alamuddin’s handsome husband hailed the Frenchwoman: “Hello. Congratulations, the movie is great” he told her, as she recently reported in an interview with the World. Flattered at first, Marion Cotillard will eventually understand that this sentence is only a form of politeness that he addresses a little by chance without really thinking it. She was right. A few days later, another party bringing together the nominees is organized. Evening where George Clooney will literally put himself at his feet.

George Clooney had seen nothing The kid. Not very comfortable in this position, the actor therefore corrected the situation and certainly did not expect to deal with one of the greatest French actresses when he crossed paths with Marion Cotillard the first time. By recrossing her path, George Clooney therefore threw himself on her: “This time he gets down on his knees and begs for forgiveness. He had never seen The kidhe admits, but has just repaired this error and came out of it upset.“A scene worthy of a film which made Marion Cotillard very uncomfortable:”I was embarrassed. There were lots of people around us.“The story does not say if he offered her a coffee – Nespresso please! – to make amends.

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