Marriage of François Hollande and Julie Gayet: witnesses, honeymoon … The couple makes some confidences

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François Hollande and Julie Gayet got married in Tulle on June 4, in a small committee. The couple, however, made some secrets about the ceremony.

On June 4, the former President of the Republic François Hollande and actress Julie Gayet said yes. A discreet ceremony, in a small committee, which took place in Tulle, their city of heart. On the occasion of a public outing of the couple, Sunday June 12, for the first round of the legislative elections, La Montagne, the local newspaper, managed to collect some confidences.

The actress first slipped that she would keep her name. “The pleasure of an actress is that we always keep her name. I will always be Julie Gayet”, she confided to our colleagues. Asked about the destination of their honeymoon, François Hollande for his part joked. “I encourage everyone to come and have their honeymoon in Tulle. Everything is celebrated there, from presidential victories to weddings,” the former head of state said ironically.

Ten people attended the ceremony. As witnesses, François Hollande had chosen Jean-Pierre Jouyet, his former secretary general at the Élysée, as well as Jean-Louis Audren, “a friend from high school”, now a surgeon. Julie Gayet was accompanied by her friend the singer Benjamin Biolay and Catherine, her best friend.

On the menu, “ribs of beef bought at the Tulle market”, said the couple. The bridal bouquet was bought from a florist in Tulle, who did not know that it was planned for the wedding. “It was when I saw the photo that I knew,” the shopkeeper told The mountain.

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