Michel Sardou: Father of two children 30 days apart, explanations…

Michel Sardou is a man who today lives happy days in his property in Normandy, with his discreet wife Anne-Marie Périer; but be careful, he threatens to “pull“…During his life, the now 75-year-old singer has had several hard times, such as when his second marriage ended because of his infidelity or his daughter was the victim of a rape. But he was also able to enjoy beautiful moments, such as when he became a father.

Michel Sardou was married for the first time in 1965 to Françoise Pettré. From this marriage were born two children: Sandrine (January 15, 1970) and Cynthia (December 4, 1973). But shortly after the birth of her second daughter, the interpreter of Love sickness becomes a father again… 30 days later! How ? Through an affair with another woman, Elisabeth Haas nicknamed Babette. “The second daughter he had with his first wife Françoise was born 30 days before his first son he had with Babette. That is to say that it is a man in France who holds the record of having had 2 children 30 days apart from two different women of course. It’s amazing, he did two clinics in 30 days“, exclaimed on this subject Fabien Lecoeuvre, author of The true story of Michel Sardou’s songs.

Indeed, from his romance with Elisabeth Haas, he welcomes a first son: Romain (born January 6, 1974). Michel Sardou will officially divorce his first wife in 1977 and, the same year, he goes back to the mayor to take Elisabeth Haas as his legitimate wife. The couple will welcome a second son, Davy (born June 1, 1978). Twenty after the birth of their second child, the spouses divorced because of the many infidelities of the singer. “I had adventures on the right, adventures on the left. It was easy…“, assumed Michel Sardou years later with Mireille Dumas, regretting his attitude. Subsequently, it was in the arms of the journalist Anne-Marie Périer that he decided to coo again. They married in 1999 .

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