Nicolas Anelka with his sublime wife Barbara: very rare appearance, for a memorable evening with the Sy!

Nicolas Anelka and his wife Barbara are the type to be extremely discreet. So when the 43-year-old former footballer and his sublime half are spotted, it’s a guaranteed buzz.

Saturday June 11, 2022, the Parc des Princes was stormed by more than 60,000 spectators, not for a PSG match, the Ligue 1 season having ended (the Parisian club having arrived first), but for a large musical event: the DJ Snake concert. Twelve years since the Parc des Princes had not hosted a concert, the last dating back to June 22, 2010 with the American rock band Green Day.

Many personalities have attended this very large-scale show, including Laeticia Hallyday and her companion Jalil Lespert, but not only. DJ Snake had invited other stars to join him on stage: David Guetta, Khaled, Stromae or Omar Sy. Close to the DJ, the French actor currently playing in Jurassic World: The World After did not come alone to the concert but with the one who has not left him for years: his wife Hélène.

Active on social networks and more particularly Instagram, Hélène Sy has published several stories from the stands of the Parc des Princes. The opportunity to discover that the Sy couple was installed right next to Nicolas Anelka and his wife Barbara (see the slideshow).

Married since 2007, Nicolas Anelka and Barbara have founded a very attractive family made up of three children: Kaïs, Kahil and Lina. In the documentary Anelka, the misunderstood offered in August 2020 on Netflix, the former footballer passed by PSG, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool or even Manchester City had confided in his relationship. The one who has been cataloged as a “bad boy” of French football mentioned in particular his meeting with Barbara, just like the former Belgian choreographer.

“I met him quite young. He was 19, I’m older than him, I was 21. We were young. He was in the middle of his football and I was in the middle of my dance. It’s when there was the big Arsenal-Madrid transfer, I didn’t really understand what was going on. I arrived at his house to see him, there were lots of journalists…“, Barbara had recalled. “Today, we’ve been together for more than ten years. It’s important to be complicit and to be friends with his wife, if you want to live practically a whole life with her. If you don’t already have this bond of friendship and love, you can’t. It is the basis of the couple“, confided for his part Nicolas Anelka.

A solid base that allows the couple to move forward together, even in the greatest discretion.

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