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Lhe spring is coming to an end, here comes summer (y,y!!), the sun, we have a drink on the terrace, we clean the folding chairs to eat outside. Winter gray seems far away, quickly, I need a little game to put in my suitcase! We invite friends, girlfriends, and we bring out something to set the mood. That’s good, that’s the topic of the day.


A very heavy box because well filled for a party game based (once again) on the association of words and drawings.

To begin, take your numbered keys and your personal tray. Take your mini cards with stylized illustrations (pictograms), you will have to play with them, impossible to draw new ones. Eight characters (Terminator, Peter Pan, Van Gogh…) are associated with a number. Each player must, using the pictogram in his possession, guess the personality that chance has assigned to him, and guess the character of the other players. Your pictograms can indicate a report or on the contrary, that it has nothing to do with the subject. Then give your keys to the other players, then compare the answers and the choices. Earn points and climb the score ladder. Be closest to the top at the end of round four.

More details in video in our Ludochrono.

Recognized or anonymous?

Classic principle but which works perfectly, Secret Identity plays especially on the coating to make something new with the old: a board to count the points, cardboard keys that you insert in magnetic tablets, the same ones where you slip your cards to give clues. Overproduced, this packaging is not used for much but gives the game a certain allure. Yes, we can love the superfluous. Beware, however, of the not always practical handling of the elements and, above all, the fragility of the shelves. For the rest do not forget the tape.

FINGER GAME (Lumberjacks Studio)

Strongly highlighted by my ludicaire who had a copy recovered in I do not know which living room, this game arrives (finally?) in its finalized form. Fine box, cards and…your fingers.

As Dexterity Jane, but in a simpler way, you will have to use your index finger (but you can change your finger) to validate a contract launched by yourself. Each player places their index finger on the card, you announce a number (of course if there are four of you, no need to say five or more!). You can leave or remove your finger. If the announced number of fingers remains on the card (all players combined), you win it. To coat the game with a little extra playful layer, there are some effects:

Red button: we also win the card from the draw pile if it corresponds to the announced number.

Thief button (the sponge): steal the card from the opponents’ draw pile if it matches the announced number.

Double button: Put two cards into play, play with both hands and win both cards if you succeed at least one bet.

Finger in his boots or do I finger you?

When you read the rules, you can be indignant. What ! That’s all ! We can say that we are hitting rock bottom, we can say that it is well worth a belote counter. I admit that in good circumstances (having a drink/waiting for the train) it works. Why not ?


Game of observation/speed, you have to make figures with your fingers (folded middle finger/folded thumb…). Yes, but those of the left hand or the right? What if the image shows a hand doing nothing? It’s all there cowboy! During the game, it gets more complicated as more and more cards are added.

In this “duel” (up to nine), the confrontation will be governed by three almost simultaneous phases. We turn the cards face down, and more and more (10 on turn 10), we try to sort out the constraints (A hand with no finger bent cancels all the others/Two identical cards cancel each other out… ). Are you still following? It’s up to you to bend your fingers or not, to stick to the right configuration by being the fastest! Here is a Ludochrono to understand.

Just like in the finger play, a robbery mode allows you to steal a card. Here, mimicking a gunshot.

You shoot or you point ?

The title pays a little tribute to Martha Jane Cannary, known as Calamity Jane legendary figure of the conquest of the West, so the whole game immerses us in the setting of the Wild West. Game of observation-speed and dexterity, the result was mixed within our group of cowherds. If the first part of the game is pleasant, pushing players to grind their brains like a Jungle Speed, it is the accumulation of constraints that ends up slowing down progress. After five cards, our poor brains struggle to keep up. Yet the exercise is fun, but there is a limit not to be exceeded if you are not a champion of joint flexibility and mental selection at hyper speed.

Small aperitif game, it can fulfill its role, once again, it all depends on who you play with.

NOT NOT (Igiari)

Unknown to those who are still playing Free Cell on their computer, Not Not speaks to video game enthusiasts (theoretically), it is co-developed by Igiari and Alt Shift’s original app studio. A speed game combining orientation, logic and reflexes, negatives (double or triple), and words incongruouswords where the colors are written in a color other than those they designate (according to the back of the box which does its job well).

The game is simple. It will become more complex during the game. The material is basic with colored cards that we will place in a cross around the deck. Cross means up-down, left-right orientation. At the start, two dice are rolled. The engraved faces give the directions, colors. It’s up to you to point to the card that matches one of the criteria. Then we will add a die of negations: NOT, as in not red. Then no noso red and no no no so… The direction will also change with each turn, the right becoming up etc… Er, where are we?

Need a Ludochrono to better understand?

Yes yes or no no?

Just like in Bizarre Bazaar, Dexterity Jane Where Jungle Speed, we play with your brain. Will you be quick and perceptive enough to sort through this information and isolate the right information before your opponents? There is nothing more to add. This kind of game, you are wired for it or not. If this is not your thing, you are likely to curse at every turn.

MONIQUE (Bakakou)

Monique, in addition to being an old lady (an old owl!), is a game of association of words, of ideas, where you have to be able to argue your choices if you are challenged. No long speeches, we are in the art of repartee, counter-attack and fun.

Each player starts with four or five cards depending on the number. What do we find on these 300 cards? Words, names: champion, liquid, overalls, water bottle, escape, Adolf Hitler, Poutine, Barbie, Tintin etc. Cards with a letter followed by… (which imposes a word starting for example with C), a few cards for those over 16 (Youporn, doggy style, chiasse…), and Monique cards with effects (speaking with an accent, s associate, give a card to another player…). The goal is therefore to place cards by finding an association with the previous card. Because at any time someone can say “I don’t see the connection”, and you will have to justify yourself. You can also lay a card face down and bluff. Again, you can be blamed. You can also simply draw. Little more in this very long explanation for a game of this type, you win a point if you make the accuser laugh. The first to run out of cards wins.

Good in all respects or Monique the atmosphere?

There was Simone (Hello Simone of the FK Games), this is Monique. Monica has no author. Apart from an email and a site that sends you back to the paper rule, there is nothing. This stuff may be feeding the coffers of a conspiratorial group adept at Satan? What can we say that we don’t already know? We meet to sing White Eat Coco a few years late, throwing out his 18+ credentials, talking about condoms and Hitler, but for fun. The principle of the game is already more than warmed up. Some associations work well, most of the time it’s flat enough. You can even play it alone by drawing the cards one by one. Monica comes well after the battle and without the help of influencers to get her across the road, I don’t see how she’s going to pull through. Let’s leave it alone, it’s surely time for his soap opera.

P FOR PIZZA (Big potato games)

Speed ​​race to find words echoing a theme and starting with an imposed letter before the others. The themes are three in number, and of increasing difficulty, so much so that by climbing the levels, the lower levels will be prohibited to you. And yes, the ease is over.

The triangle cards set the tone, that of its subject, but also of the decor that will have to be assembled to form a large slice of pizza. This also symbolizes the progression in the game with crossing levels, from the base to the top. Triangle cards, three colors with suggestions, three letters available: “put in a sandwich” starting with T, “fashion accessory” in G…. The little extra of the game is that the colors are of gradual levels in difficulty and that the pizza is drawn in three parts, once the base is completed, you are no longer entitled to easy proposals, one color is blocked. This therefore prevents the strong in vocabulary from crushing everyone and rebalances the game. Of course, you need a minimum of knowledge and to have the voice that carries.

Will you take some of it back or thank you I’m on a diet?

If last summer was spent eating Guacamole (olé!), this winter it was pizza. And even if the recipes are different, we cook in the same pots: a game of words/knowledge with an original box, in the shape of an avocado for the first, a slice of pizza for the second. We know the music for this type of exercise, even the box in the shape of a share had already been served to us (pepperoni party), but who cares, this game of words and aperitif works perfectly. Not haute cuisine, not Tratoria, but a well presented game, cerebral enough, which can be played without forcing with a count sticking to its form.

CYRANO (Grrre games)

Poems, quatrains, haikus, everything is back in this game where, with syllables and an imposed theme, you have to write the most relevant poetry.

Ultra-fast installation, ultra-simple rule. You have everything in your hands, the head to become the poet, the poetess of the day. Roll a die for the theme, look at the symbol, and find its meaning in the summary grid (fairy tale, love, political speech, memory…), roll two rhyming dice (-able/-u/-elle/iste…. ) and dial. Then declaim your poem. For each unique rhyme (not found in others), you score points. Let’s go to the vote for the most beautiful poetry to earn other points.

My nose for nothing or Roxanne?

In 2010 came out Cyrano, first of the name. The big box, the cards, have been replaced by dice engraved with multiple symbols, the explanation of which can be found under the magnetic lid of the new box. A sober presentation for a game that is just as sober. “What if I suck at poetry? will say the most shy, it’s not really a problem if you want to. Composing rhymes does not necessarily require extensive knowledge or vocabulary, if you find an original direction to give to your sentences. We are sometimes surprised to see a simple word give a whole new dimension to the text. You have to try not to make banal rhymes to avoid losing points, but as often in this type of game, the right word is favored over the victory point.

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