On the Promenade, Claude’s pizzas are reminiscent of Italy

The “Chez Claodio” pizzeria opened its doors 15 years ago on the Promenade. Claude Vignon, 52 years old, lively look, smiling, former child of Dass and arrived from the North in a reception center in Béziers for his 8th birthday. By dint of hard work and selflessness, as soon as he had the means, he created his own business with the help of his ex-wife.

Sole boss, he bought the shares of his ex-wife and the walls of the building. He has since lived above his sign. “That’s it, I live and work on the Promenade”he says, happy with what is happening to him.

The terrace with red chairs and gray tables is nicely set up in the shade of the plane trees. Customers can enjoy, with plate service, an adult or children’s menu with an adapted chair. “I offer Italian wines but also wine from the cooperative cellar to get people from the area working. I have a nice menu of pizzas, all sizes, to which must be added, in winter, the pizza of the month, made with seasonal products. On a daily basis, I am helped in the kitchen by Smaïn.” Smain clarifies: “Before, it was me who was in the kitchen. I decided to change and now take care of service, reception, and management.”

Claude likes contact with people, he also likes to receive positive feedback. In season, the pizzeria is open for lunch and dinner, every day (except Sunday lunchtime), from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Contact: 04 67 21 57 45.

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