Order pizza by thought with Domino’s Pizza and Stranger Things 4

Immersed in the Netflix series.

On the occasion of the future release of season 4 of Stranger Things next May 27, Dominos Pizza and netflix hit hard. The fast food chain and the streaming giant unveil an advertising trailer as well as an immersion application in Hawkins.

What would you do if, like Eleven, you could control telekinesis? A power that Domino’s has decided to make easy to use. Order a pizza by thought! Did you dream of it? It is now possible. The new app Domino’s Mind Ordering allows its users to use their “superpowers” to order pizza by making certain facial expressions or head movements. How ? Simply using facial recognition and eye tracking technologies. In addition to allowing them to place an order, the app immerses users in 1986 in the sets of the series. They are the test subjects of Hawkins’ laboratory and can wander to discover the disturbing universe of Stranger Things.

To announce the launch of the app, Domino’s also unveiled a 3-minute trailer in which series fans will recognize the characters from Stranger Things Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin aka Dustin and Lucas. For those most nostalgic for the eighties era, Domino’s has rolled out a retro pizza box. Unfortunately (or not), it’s only available in the US.


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