Research reveals the science behind this plant’s blue berries

Lantana strigocamara in the Ramaley Greenhouse on the CU Boulder campus. Credit: Patrick Campbell/CU Boulder On a beautiful fall day in 2019, Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong was walking down Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado when something caught her eye: a small, particularly shiny blue fruit, on a shrub known as Lantana strigocamara. While its tiny clusters of … Read more

Stage Manager: Apple has revised its website, the iPad Air 4 deprived of the swap as well as the iPad Air 5 of 64 GB

The Virtual Memory Swap feature converts iPad storage to RAM. It allows iPad applications to use up to 16 GB of RAM, a prerequisite for Stage Manager, the new window manager of iPadOS 16. There was some confusion or a blunder at Apple, which earlier this week announced that this feature swap was available for … Read more

Chistophe Dechavanne father of 3 children: who are the mothers of Pauline, Paul-Henri and Ninon?

Pauline’s father (born in 1987, fruit of his love with the producer Mary Genestdirector of entertainment and magazines at FremantleMedia France), Paul-Henri (born in 1990 as a result of his relationship with a woman named Isabella) and Ninon (born in 1998, from his love with the actress Manon Saidani who notably played in els cult … Read more

Who really invented pasta?

Italy, the leading consumer and producer of pasta Six out of ten Italians eat it every day, and with 23 kilos consumed per person per year, unsurprisingly, Italy is the biggest consumer of pasta in Europe, according to a study conducted in September 2020 by Doxa. Faced with rising global demand, production reached record levels. … Read more

Apple has just acquired the rights to a new Formula 1 film that will produce Top Gun 2 director, actor Brad Pitt and a certain Lewis Hamilton

Apple has officially acquired the rights to produce a Formula 1 film directed by Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”). Brad Pitt will have the main role, and the feature film will have the luxury of receiving advice from Lewis Hamilton in person. F1 fans are already salivating. Joseph Kosinsky, currently starring in “Top Gun: Maverick”, … Read more

The best pasta restaurants in Paris

It was long believed that Marco Polo brought them back to Venice in 1296, from his expedition on the Silk Road. Emblem of Italian gastronomy, pasta is therefore… Chinese? In reality, it is more complex. As the oldest known recipe book attests (a Mesopotamian culinary treatise from 1700 BC), the inhabitants already lived there on … Read more