Parents of students organized a pizza party with concerts

More than 200 people took part in the pizza party and the concerts organized by the Apel (Association of parents of pupils). Slices of pizzas were available to order to make the menus according to the tastes and desires of each. Accompanied by tart, coffee and wine or cold drink, they allowed the spectators to eat while enjoying the musical evening.

A local guitar star

The participants thus had the joy of welcoming the young singer Guillaume Caparos. This Lozérien has amazed young and old with the songs from his album Côté soleil. Another guest: Les Petits Chanteurs who performed live their last two songs Alba and Les Bites de la vie.

The parents of the association warmly thank all the volunteers who worked all day for the happiness of all the guests. During the evening, the group Sing and friends celebrated its tenth anniversary.

The event allowed many families to meet for an evening and spend a pleasant time together.

The weather was mild with high temperatures worthy of a high summer evening. Many participants took pleasure in being able to eat outside while enjoying the concert by Guillaume Caparos.

Projects with the school

The sponsor of the Little Singers was happy to be present with the children, the parents and the present of the teaching team.

Indeed, many musical and artistic projects are born via the school, with partnerships that lead to new experiences and encounters.

The financial receipts of the evening will be devoted to the development and implementation of educational projects.

Two classes have already gone on a school trip a few weeks ago and other outings and expeditions are planned for all the students very soon.

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