Pasta a casa with the Youtube channel Pasta grannies by Jean-Claude Renard

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It’s curious that, this irrepressible need to consume pasta in times of restrictions or confinement! We saw these images circulating a lot at the time of the crucial announcement, with these Shopping Carts filled with packets of pasta.

Well, it’s very smart to have sixteen or eighteen kilos, but it’s much better to know how to make them and cook them. This is precisely what the videos offer, pellets of some five to ten minutes, by Vicky Bennison, British, food columnist, on the channel Youtube Pasta Grannies, shaking her camera in the Italian regions, meeting grandmothers (“nuns”, grandmothers, in Italian), quite dignified old ladies, whose average age easily revolves around 90 years, from North to South of La Botte, driven by the desire to transmit from generation to generation, to safeguard a heritage: the manufacture of pasta and recipes at stake.

So many nonagenarians registered in the sharing, with a certain good humor, a sweet life obvious. In the repetition of gestures, of an ancestral, intimate and universal know-how. Fennel tagliatelle, ragout ravioli, Filomena and her tagliatelle cake, cooked with parmesan, Letizia, already a century old and her personal version of tagliatelle flavored with fennel, Giovana and her pork ragout ravioli, Lucia and her seafood strozzapreti, Rosa and her generously seasoned mini ravioli pepper… They are humble women, who simply do things. The hardest thing is to keep it simple…

It’s downright well filmed, framed, without spectacularization, told in Italian, drawing on the patois, commented in English but very largely understandable visually in the progression of the recipes, sequence after sequence. Jubilatory! In fine, reinforcing this idea of ​​the writer Giuseppe Prezzolini: “What is Dante’s glory next to that of spaghetti? »

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