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WWDC 2022 has just ended and you are already imagining yourself with the new Apple products announced. How about anticipating and protecting them with this unmissable offer from NordVPN?

For a few days only, the two-year NordVPN subscription is 60% off by clicking this link. It will therefore be necessary to count barely more than 3 € per month to benefit from 24 months of subscription, an unmissable deal.

When it comes to virtual private networks, the most popular option is obviously NordVPN. The provider, highly appreciated by 14 million users around the world in nearly 10 years of existence, shines thanks to its excellent connection speeds and its wide range of servers.

A VPN yes, but what for?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is designed to hide your devices β€” from your TV and tablet to your phone and laptop β€” from prying eyes. NordVPN masks your IP addresses and encrypts your internet traffic, making it virtually impossible for any entity to know what sites you’ve visited and what data you’ve transmitted.

With an increase in the number of employees working from home, many French people have become familiar with VPNs. Companies even sometimes require their employees to use them remotely, in telework. But others also like the use of a VPN to surf the Internet without worries, when they use a public WiFi hotspot, for example. Public Wi-Fi networks are real hunting grounds for cybercriminals: a VPN such as NordVPN gives you much-needed protection when using one.

Similarly, some people use VPNs to circumvent regional restrictions on streaming sites to access the international and comprehensive library of Netflix and the like.

Why Buying a NordVPN Subscription Is So Worth It

There are multiple virtual private network services available, but at the moment NordVPN dominates the market. This is partly due to the speed and reliability of the service offered. Along with an advanced encryption standard, NordVPN offers connection speeds of up to 6,730 Mbps, along with 24/7 live chat support and over 5,100 servers in 60 countries.

NordVPN offers additional features such as a password manager, cloud file encryption, and 10GB of private cloud storage that you can add to your plan. It also has the Anti-Threat Protection feature, which provides enhanced security against prying trackers, pop-up ads, dangerous sites and infected files.

Plus, you can connect up to six devices simultaneously with just one subscription. Perfect for the whole family, your friends or your devices, whether in the office or at home.

NordVPN is currently offering 60% off its two-year subscription, bringing the price down to around €3 per month. NordVPN additionally comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it out.

The simple application is available in French on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux. The NordLynx protocol, which makes NordVPN the fastest VPN on the market, also makes the app a real cybersecurity tool.

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