return of Subway Surfers, Tower Defense and bowling to the program

In July, the subscription video game service Apple Arcade is completed with five new titles. Among them, successes from the App Store, but there are also two original works, with “Subway Surfers Tag”, the return of one of the most downloaded games of all time with a spin-off.

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The “Subway Surfers” spin-off is coming to Apple Arcade // Source: Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade catalog continues to grow, with the arrival last month ofAir Twisterthe latest game from Yu Suzuki, the legendary studio that gave birth to Shen Mue and to Virtua Fighter among others. For this month of July, five new video games will be available, without advertising or microtransactions: two exclusive games and three successes from the App Store.

July’s new games on Apple Arcade

  • July, 1st : MyBowling 3D+;
  • July 8: Samorost 3+;
  • July 15th : Subway Surfers Tag;
  • 22nd of July : Heroes Fate;
  • July 29: Kingdom Rush Revenge TD+

You who read this article, you have probably already played Subway Surfers, at least the time of a game and for good reason, it is the most downloaded mobile game of all time. Apple Arcade is launching a spin off of the game in which we find Jake, who always wants to escape the guardian. What really changes with Subway Surfers Tagit’s the gameplay which takes place in an arena in which it will be necessary to chain the tricks in skateboarding. grinds on the rails, figures, tags and explosions of robots will be required to chain combos and rack up the most points. As you progress, you unlock other more difficult arenas.

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The other Apple Arcade exclusive this month is Heroes Fate. This is a MOBA in which you embody one of the 6 available heroes. The goal is to destroy enemy towers each game by casting spells and summoning units. Several game modes are available, from 2 vs 2 matches to the single-player campaign and melee in ranked games. Heroes Fate introduces a system of cards to collect and improve to build the best deck.

Heroes Fate // Source: Apple Arcade

During this month of July, Apple Arcade makes available to its subscribers the full version of MyBowling 3D+, famous App Store game developed by iWare Designs since 2012. A bowling game with several different lanes that has 3D physics where you can adjust the position, distance and rotation of the ball. Not sure that this game will make you the king of the track by chaining the strikesbut MyBowling 3D+ shouldn’t bore you, especially since it can suit both casual and more emboldened gamers.

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The carrying of Samorost 3 on mobiles arrives this July 8 for Apple Arcade subscribers. In this adventure that takes place in space, we embody a strange gnome who goes in search of his origins. Through nine extraterrestrial worlds and various encounters, we let ourselves be carried away by the original soundtrack and the design of this very special game.

Samorost 3+ // Source: Apple Arcade

The latest game to join Apple’s subscription video game service is Kingdom Rush Revenge TD+. It is a Tower Defense in which we face several empires whose units are more and more powerful. The more you advance in the game, the more you unlock new towers and legendary heroes. A very energetic Tower Defense that will give you a hard time for several hours.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+ // Source: Apple Arcade

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