Revelations about Christian Quesada: The champion of the “12 noon shots” lives between Narbonne and Béziers and has completely transformed physically while the police keep an eye on him – VIDEO

Last night, on the set of “TPMP”, Gilles Verdez and Guillaume Genton spoke about the new life of Christian Quesada. The former winner of the “12 noon shots” was released from prison in March 2021. In April 2020, he was convicted of corruption of minors and possession and dissemination of child pornography.

Since his release from prison, Christian Quesada would be installed in the South of France. “He has completely transformed into a Robinson. He lives between Narbonne and Béziers, we are not going to give the exact city. In this region there. He is hiding, he no longer has any contact with anyone, some sometimes say that he goes to the southeast”, says Gilles Verdez on the set of “TPMP”.

“He is still under judicial supervision. He is with his relatives and in particular with one of his brothers whom he has become very close to since his release from prison. He has obviously not made any public appearance since 2019”, adds Guillaume Genton.

And to add: “He has been banned from publishing a book or a film since his release from prison. Otherwise he will have a sanction. He cannot make money with this case for three years, until 2024. He has want to express himself, but he can’t do it for three years”.

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