Richard Berry interviewed by investigators after his daughter’s complaint of incest

The actor was heard this Tuesday in Paris by the Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM), after the complaint of his daughter Coline Berry-Rojtman who accuses him of incest.

Actor Richard Berry was heard in free hearing Tuesday in Paris, after the complaint of his daughter Coline Berry-Rojtman who accuses him of incest, we learned from a source close to the investigation, confirming information from M6.

The actor is heard by investigators from the Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM), said this source. Asked by AFP, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that he was heard in free hearing as part of the investigation opened in January 2021.

Coline Berry-Rojtman, born in 1976 from the union between Richard Berry and actress Catherine Hiegel, filed a complaint on January 25, 2021 against her father, denouncing acts of “rape and sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor by ascendant” and of “bribery of a minor” in the years 1984-85.

An investigation had been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office on these facts, potentially prescribed. Coline Berry-Rojtman was heard in February 2021 by BPM investigators.

In a long text published on his Instagram account, Richard Berry had denied “with all (his) strength and without ambiguity these filthy accusations”. “I have never had inappropriate or incestuous relations with Coline, nor with any of my children”assured the actor.

In April 2022, Coline Berry-Rojtman was sentenced by the Aurillac court for defamation of her ex-mother-in-law Jeane Manson.

In an article published by The world, Coline Berry-Rojtman had mentioned the sexual violence she allegedly suffered at the home of her father who was then living with Jeane Manson, accused for her part of having participated with him in these attacks. Coline Berry-Rojtman appealed this decision.

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