Shanna Kress violently criticized for not keeping her baby with Down syndrome, she responds

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Shanna Kress and Matijas Jonathan are about to experience one of the most difficult ordeals for a couple: losing a child. Pregnant with twins, the pretty brunette learned that one of her children had Down’s syndrome. On the verge of stopping the heart of one of the fetuses, she insisted on putting those who dare to judge her decision back in place. .

Today is a particularly difficult day for Shanna Kress and Matijas Jonathan. Pregnant with twins, the beautiful brunette is going to the hospital today to stop the heart of one of her babies with trisomy 21. A nightmare for future parents but also for the mother who will have to give birth to a stillborn baby at the time of delivery.

Criticized by some internet users accusing her of not wishing to keep her baby with trisomy 21, the young woman wanted to reframe them with a lot of elegance (and rhetoric). A message that she ironically addresses to “most virtuous in the world“.”If you consider yourself better, If you think you would have acted differently, If you find fault instead of sharing our pain. So don’t waste your precious time wasting ours. Obviously your infinite virtue deserves that you shower the rest of the world with your wise goodness. So please, don’t linger any longer under our photos and videos, what we are going through is difficult enough to also have to manage your malevolence“, she wrote in the caption of a snapshot of her and her man.

Recognizing that it is surely about “the most painful decision“of her life, she recalls that she and her companion are not waiting”no approval“, neither “to be understood by everyone“. Grateful for the fans who support her in this very difficult fight, she naturally wanted to send them very nice words to thank them for their kindness and their love.

Thanks to you, who share our pain, who don’t judge, who support us. We send all our love to people who have experienced or are experiencing a difficult family ordeal, and all our courage to those who will experience it one day. We hope that our sharing will help some to get through the most difficult times feeling less alone, and perhaps being a little more informed. Your support is matched only by the affection we have for you, thank you“adds, with great tenderness, the ex of Thibault Garcia.

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