She has a pizza delivered to Jesse Winker during the brawl between the Mariners and the Angels

Outfielder Jesse Winker has made several new friends since joining the Seattle Mariners in March 2022.

The former Cincinnati Reds even got paid for the remote deal on Sunday.

The funny anecdote took place during the third game of the series between the Mariners and the Angels. Yes, the one where the benches emptied and the sunflower seeds flew.

Seeing these images, a fan named Sofie had the idea of call a pizza and have it delivered to Angel Stadium, c/o Winker.

Fighting whets the appetite.

The intention was good, but the initiative was unlikely to work. Everything would depend on the cooperation of the stadium staff, but also on the motivation of the delivery man.

Winker feasted

Throughout the process, Sofie documented the steps live on her Twitter account @sofieballgame. Finally, against all odds, the order ended up in the hands of its recipient. Jesse Winker even took the trouble to thank the Good Samaritan for the attention.

We must also highlight the efforts of Simranjeet, the delivery man, without whom the pizz would never have arrived safely.

We must salute in passing the other gesture of Sofie; she had the presence of mind to ask supporters to send generous tips to Simranjeet. The latter, who would have received hundreds of dollars via the shared application, greatly appreciated.

We now know that it is possible to have a meal delivered to a high-level athlete, even when he is playing a match abroad, and moreover in a hostile territory.

I wonder if Caufield eats spicy.

(via @sofieballgame/Twitter)

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