SSD and MacBook Pro M2: Apple has effectively removed a memory chip!

During our first live test of the new MacBook Pro 13″ M2, we were surprised by the speed of the built-in SSD, almost twice as slow as the 13″ MacBook Pro M1 introduced two years ago – both base models .

We had then speculated on a shortage of componentswhich could have forced the Apple to choose lower quality components. And maybe that’s what happened…

SSD and MacBook Pro M2: Apple has effectively withdrawn  a memory chip!

The YouTuber MaxTech also confirmed the drop in performance, and therefore opened the machine. And there… what a discovery: Apple has indeed removed one of the two memory chips used for the SSD. Clearly, what was to form a sort of RAID previously, now loses a leg. We are not talking about -30%, but about performance almost halved! Ironically, Apple has only provided large SSDs to its small close guard… these configurations do not seem (a priori) to be affected by the problem, at least on the 1TB model.

SSD and MacBook Pro M2: Apple has effectively withdrawn  a memory chip!

In practice, nothing really dramatic because the SSD remains very fast (1.5GB/s instead of 2.5 to 3GB/s), but on a so-called professional machine, sold between 1500 and 3000€, such a step back seems difficult to justify, especially since Apple charges a lot for its storage options. This Mac could lose slightly in responsiveness (launch of apps, swap, etc.) or be less fluid on heavy mounts – afterwards, let’s be honest, the difference will only be noticeable in fairly extreme conditions.

From now on, we are especially anxious to know if the new MacBook Air M2 will also be affected by this economy of scale. – the height would be that Apple provides him with a disk faster than the Pro !

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This is the first test of the MacBook Pro M2!

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