Stromae: His wife Coralie shares a poignant family photo

Touching, Stromae’s wife paid tribute to her missing dad by revealing a childhood snapshot on Instagram. On June 11, 2022, Coralie Barbier shared a photograph in which we discover her as a young girl sitting on the shoulders of her father, who holds her feet firmly but gently. “30 years without you…forever daddy“, she wrote in the caption.

In the comments, many Internet users wanted to support the young woman who seems melancholic about the moments spent with her late dad. “3 months without mine… No matter how long, the pain remains, nothing erases it…“, “So sad but still in our heart“, “Time erases nothing“, “This pain is very real, you have to live with it“, “1 month, I now understand this indescribable pain“, “Courage to you Coralie, as well as to Paul, nothing can erase the pain of loss and grief. We love you“, can we read from Internet users who have, for the most part, experienced the same family tragedy of losing one of their parents.

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