Apple may bid for US broadcast of UEFA Champions League

After Friday night baseball and MLS football games, Apple continues to invest in sports rights. The manufacturer would indeed be interested in broadcasting UEFA matches in the United States: according to the site PuckNewsApple and Amazon are indeed considering submitting offers for the Champions League, the flagship competition of European football which opposes the best … Read more

Apple will broadcast all North American soccer games from 2023

After its partnership with the American baseball league, Apple passes the second by buying the rights of soccer North American. Starting in 2023, Apple will broadcast all Major League Soccer (MLS) matches worldwide, which includes club soccer (the one played with the feet, not the hands) from the United States and from Canada. Proof that … Read more

a big step for uchronia

DECRYPTION – What if the Soviets had beaten the Americans to the Moon? This series launched by the platform at the end of 2019 depicts an alternative world. And knows, while new episodes have arrived, a growing success. The first season is free. To launch its platform with great fanfare in the ruthless universe of … Read more

While Season 3 is underway, Apple TV+ is offering the first season of For All Mankind

The broadcast of the third season of For All Mankind has started and Apple is taking the opportunity to offer the first season for free. This uchronic series from Apple TV+ imagines that the Americans were not the first to set foot on the Moon and that the Russians did not abandon the space race … Read more