Scientists Have Found a Way to Save Energy And Boil Water More Efficiently

Water gets boiled a lot – whether it’s a cup of tea brewing in a kitchen or a power plant generating electricity. Any improvements in the efficiency of this process will have a huge impact on the overall amount of energy used for it every day. One such improvement could come with a newly developed … Read more

Directors claim the head of Dominique Boutonnat at the direction of the CNC

Estimating his policy “openly liberal and too often short-termist”the Society of Film Directors (SRF) considers the renewal of the mandate of this close friend of Emmanuel Macron to be detrimental. Several directors, including Jacques Audiard, Cédric Klapisch and Pierre Salvadori, expressed their opposition on Wednesday to a renewal of Dominique Boutonnat at the head of … Read more

Mathilda May, “devastated by dengue fever” in Bali, soon to be repatriated

By Le Figaro Posted 4 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago Actress Mathilda May contracted dengue fever in Bali in July 2022. AFP/Francois Mori The French actress contracted this virus transmitted by mosquitoes in Indonesia where she was on vacation. Currently hospitalized on site, she should return to France in the coming days. While vacationing … Read more

Monty Norman, original composer of James Bond music, dies aged 94

Author of songs for Cliff Richard and Tommy Steel, traveling companion of Benny Hill, he signed the soundtrack of James Bond versus Dr No. Monty Norman, author of the original plot of the music of James Bond, died Monday July 11 at the age of 94, announced his official site. “It is with great sadness … Read more

Actor James Caan, star of The Godfather and Misery, is dead

The interpreter of Sonny, in The Godfatherdied at the age of 82, announced his manager on Thursday. He had played one of the Corleone sons in the mythical Godfatherand a writer sequestered in the agonizing Misery: American actor James Caan died at 82 after a long career where he played for the greatest directors. “It … Read more

Our review of the film Licorice Pizza broadcast on Canal+

By Eric Neuhof Published 1 hour ago, Update 1 hour ago Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim bring their freshness to the characters, in Licorice Pizza Courtesy of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Inc./UPI France CRITICISM – Paul Thomas Anderson’s film tells of love at first sight between a 15-year-old teenager and a young woman in her … Read more

Success in theaters for Salam, the Diam’s documentary, despite the criticism

The ex-rapper posted a message to thank the 90,000 spectators who went to see the autobiographical film in just two days. Released exceptionally in theaters on 1er and July 2, Hello, on the former star rapper Diam’s, attracted more than 90,000 spectators in 48 hours, indicated Tuesday July 5 the Brut platform which produces the … Read more