Here is the best ham and cheese pizza you can find in a supermarket

It is sometimes difficult to choose THE perfect pizza, especially in supermarkets. After the Buitoni Fraich’UP pizza scandal, contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria, it seems important for many consumers to be even more vigilant. 60 million consumers carried out a survey in its May-June 2022 special issue entitled “Eating healthy, good and cheap”. One of … Read more

Margherita, the story of the queen of pizzas

Local records reveal no contemporary reference to the Esposito pizzeria incident. The Gazette of the Kingdom of Italy, which published the royal news, made no mention of the Queen’s visit or Galli’s letter to Esposito. Moreover, samples of Galli’s handwriting were compared to the signature of the letter sent to Esposito: they do not match. … Read more

The best pizzeria in Europe is in Paris and it offers pizzas from 10 to 21 euros

This year again, the best pizzeria in Europe is French, and even Parisian! And it’s still thanks to chef Giuseppe Cutraro. His restaurant Peppe was re-elected this Thursday, May 12 “Best pizzeria in Europe 2022” in the prestigious Italian ranking 50 Top Pizza which makes its list of the best pizzerias on the continent every … Read more

Scientists Found Superworms That Love Eating Styrofoam, And It Could Be a Good Thing

Packing material, disposable cutlery, CD cases: Polystyrene is among the most common forms of plastic, but recycling it isn’t easy and the vast majority ends up in landfills or finds its way to the oceans where it threatens marine life. Scientists at Australia’s University of Queensland have now discovered that superworms – the larvae of … Read more