25 days of coma for a young Beauvaisienne aged only 9 months

After a long stay at the Amiens hospital center, Inaïa was able to find her family cocoon on April 4. His parents have filed a complaint and are demanding justice. On April 7, a complaint is filed by the family at the Beauvais police station. The family is now awaiting a response from the courts, … Read more

price drop on the famous connected watch at Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the most recent connected watch, and therefore the most efficient, available in the catalog of the American manufacturer. During Amazon Prime Day, it goes from 459 euros to 378.99 euros in its 45 mm version with sports strap. Discover the offer on the Apple Watch Series 7 Free Prime … Read more

Astronauts Can Suffer a Decade of Bone Loss During Months in Space, New Research Suggestions

The new research found that human bones, like the wrist bone pictured here, suffers from accelerated loss of density as the result of long-duration missions in space. Image: L. Gabel et al., 2022 Long-term exposure to microgravity results in the loss of bone density, and new research reveals the disturbing extent to which this happens … Read more

I found my rare illness after symptoms appeared on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The hit series “Grey’s Anatomy” might be fiction, but for one 22-year-old, it solved her medical mystery. Emilie Levy, from Israel, had been suffering from unexplained pain in her wrists and ankles since she was 12. As a teen, she also began to experience dislocations of her shoulder, hip and jaw — yet doctors were … Read more

For the head of Apple Health, “it is essential to improve the connection between the patient and the caregiver”

At the VivaTech show held in mid-June, the head of Apple’s Health activity took part in a round table on the future of medical care with the boss of Doctolib. Sumbul Desai did not fail to harp on how seriously Apple takes the protection of personal data, but she also mentioned another point that is … Read more

United States: Netflix, Apple, Disney, Tesla and several American companies agree to pay the travel expenses of their employees who want to have an abortion

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided to revoke the right to abortion this Friday, June 24 and several American states have already banned abortion, including Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. In response to this controversial decision, several large American companies have decided to defy Congress by supporting their employees. According to New … Read more

Abortion in the United States: Apple will cover the travel expenses of its employees

As the U.S. Supreme Court ended federal abortion rights on June 24 and nine states have already banned abortion, Apple will support its employees affected by this prohibition. Demonstration in favor of the right to abortion in front of the Supreme Court of the United States on June 24. Image Ted Eytan (CC BY-SA) “As … Read more

Amtrak train derailment survivor details crash, journey back

On a spring evening in 2015, Geralyn Ritter sprinted through Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to catch her New York-bound train. The next thing she knew, she was hooked up to a ventilator at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, fighting for her life. “I remember a flash of realization that we were tipping over, and I remember … Read more

This Electronic Tattoo Can Measure Your Blood Pressure Better Than a Smartwatch

Getting a new tattoo isn’t only about looking cool (or making a decision you’ll regret years later)—it could also save your life. At least, that’s the idea behind a new electronic tattoo that can continuously and unobtrusively measure your blood pressure. In a paper published Monday in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, a team from the … Read more