Nanoracks Performs First Test of ISS Waste Disposal Technology

A bag of ISS waste is jettisoned from the Bishops Airlock on July 2, 2022. gif: Nanoracks/Gizmodo Private space company Nanoracks has announced the successful first test of a new technology to get rid of trash from the International Space Station. Tea International Space Station may seem glamorous, but astronauts aboard the orbital outpost still … Read more

Astronauts Can Suffer a Decade of Bone Loss During Months in Space, New Research Suggestions

The new research found that human bones, like the wrist bone pictured here, suffers from accelerated loss of density as the result of long-duration missions in space. Image: L. Gabel et al., 2022 Long-term exposure to microgravity results in the loss of bone density, and new research reveals the disturbing extent to which this happens … Read more

Test to Maneuver ISS with Cygnus Spacecraft Didn’t Go as Planned

The Cygnus space freighter approaching the ISS on February 21, 2022. Photo: NASA NASA is currently evaluating the ability of docked Cygnus spacecraft to serve as boosters for the International Space Station, but a recent test of the concept was quickly stopped, for reasons that aren’t yet clear. The engine firing of Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus … Read more

NASA Selects Astronauts to Fly on First Crewed Starliner Test Flight

In anticipation of Boeing’s first crewed test flight of Starliner, NASA has chosen two astronauts to fly on board the troubled spacecraft, in a mission that could launch later this year. On Friday, NASA announced that veteran astronauts Suni Williams and Butch Wilmore will fly on board the Crew Flight Test (CFT), the launch date … Read more