iOS 16: Apple imposes “developer mode” on application designers

With iOS 16 and watchOS 9, Apple imposes “developer mode” on application designers. For “protect users from inadvertently installing potentially harmful software on their devices”the Cupertino company prevents the direct installation of files .ipa with Apple Configuration or compiling and running from Xcode. Enabling “developer mode” on iOS 16. Image iGeneration. To perform these operations, … Read more

With Stage Manager, Apple always tries not to copy macOS to the iPad

Stage Manager is not a novelty reserved for macOS Ventura, it is also available on iPadOS 16! On paper, this idea of ​​completely revamping multitasking and rethinking the way people work on a computer even looks like an idea that could have originated on the tablet and carried over to computers, not the other way … Read more

Stage Manager: Apple has revised its website, the iPad Air 4 deprived of the swap as well as the iPad Air 5 of 64 GB

The Virtual Memory Swap feature converts iPad storage to RAM. It allows iPad applications to use up to 16 GB of RAM, a prerequisite for Stage Manager, the new window manager of iPadOS 16. There was some confusion or a blunder at Apple, which earlier this week announced that this feature swap was available for … Read more

Apple explains (again) why Stage Manager is reserved for iPad M1

Apple again tried to explain why the new Stage Manager window manager was limited to compatibility with iPads equipped with an M1 chip (a very small minority of tablets currently in use). In a statement shared by Rene Ritchie, the manufacturer indicates that the experiment requires a lot of RAM, storage ” incredibly fast » … Read more