Microsoft detects flaw in macOS sandboxing, Apple fixes it

As is very regularly the case, Microsoft’s security research teams have warned Apple of the presence of a security flaw in macOS. A vulnerability (CVE-2022-26706) corrected mid-May through macOS 12.4 and security updates for Catalina and Big Sur delivered in stride. If you haven’t already done so, apply these updates immediately. It was while looking … Read more

Apple unveils a “Lockdown mode” to limit attacks on iPhone and Mac as much as possible

iPhone security has been seriously challenged in recent years by spyware like Pegasus, which exploit flaws in iOS to spy on users. The manufacturer finally reacted last November, by filing a complaint against NSO Group, the developer of Pegasus. The Apple is giving a layer today with a new “extreme” protection tool intended for the … Read more

How to Create a macOS (Monterey, Ventura) Virtual Machine on an Apple Silicon Mac

A year ago, when you wanted to virtualize macOS on an Apple Silicon Mac, you had to get your hands dirty. Today, it has become extremely simple to create a virtual machine on a Mac M1 (and soon M2). A virtual machine is very practical for developers or the curious who want to have a … Read more