NASA’s Perseverance rover has spotted a noodle-like object on Mars

last month, NASA’s Perseverance rover, currently roaming on Mars, took a rare photo of a shiny silver object wedged between two rocks on the floor of Mars’ Jezero Crater and beamed it back to Earth for all to see. The object, it turned out, was a piece of the rover’s own junk. “My team has … Read more

Astronomers Found a Crater From The Mystery Rocket That Smashed Into The Moon

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) – NASA’s eye-in-the-sky in orbit around the Moon – has found the crash site of the mystery rocket booster that slammed into the far side of the Moon back on 4 March 2022. The LRO images, taken May 25th, revealed not just a single crater, but a double crater formed … Read more

Top 10 Worst Items Seen in Souvenir Shops, Money Well Wasted

Coming back from vacation is always a complicated time. We hit traffic jams on the road or the hassle of overcrowded trains, we have to pretend to be happy for the people who are going on vacation in turn and hear vexing phrases like “it’s funny, you don’t have too much tanned”. Fortunately, you can … Read more

Astronomers Discover a Bizarre Spiral Object Swirling Around The Milky Way’s Center

As if cracking open a cosmic Russian nesting doll, astronomers have peered into the center of the Milky Way and discovered what appears to be a miniature spiral galaxy, swirling daintily around a single large star. The star – located about 26,000 light-years from Earth near the dense and dusty galactic center – is about … Read more

A Rogue Black Hole Roaming Our Galaxy May Have Just Been Confirmed

The first detection of what appears to be a rogue black hole drifting through the Milky Way, revealed earlier this year, just got important validation. A second team of scientists, conducting a separate, independent analysis, has reached almost the same finding, adding weight to the idea that we’ve potentially identified a rogue black hole wandering … Read more

An Ultra-Rare Cosmic Object Was Just Detected in The Milky Way, Astronomers Report

A new member of a category of star so rare we can count the known number of them on our fingers and toes has just been discovered in the Milky Way. It’s called MAXI J1816-195, located no greater than 30,000 light-years away. Preliminary observations and investigations suggest that it’s an accreting X-ray millisecond pulsar – … Read more