A Giant Sunspot Doubled in Size in 24 Hours, And It’s Pointing Right at Earth

A gigantic sunspot has swelled to twice Earth’s size, doubling its diameter in 24 hours, and it’s pointed right at us. The sunspot, called AR3038, grew to 2.5 times Earth’s size – making the sunspot roughly 19,800 miles, or 31,900 kilometers, in diameter – from Sunday (June 19) to Monday night (June 20), according to … Read more

Skin Mites That Mate on Our Faces at Night Are Slowly Merging With Humans

If you are reading this, you are probably not alone. Most people on Earth are habitats for mites that spend the majority of their brief lives burrowed, head-first, in our hair follicles, primarily of the face. In fact, humans are the only habitat for Demodex folliculorum. They are born on us, they feed on us, … Read more

Astronomers Discover a Bizarre Spiral Object Swirling Around The Milky Way’s Center

As if cracking open a cosmic Russian nesting doll, astronomers have peered into the center of the Milky Way and discovered what appears to be a miniature spiral galaxy, swirling daintily around a single large star. The star – located about 26,000 light-years from Earth near the dense and dusty galactic center – is about … Read more

Astronomers Unveil The Most Detailed Map of The Metal Asteroid Psyche Yet

If you wanted to do a forensic study of the Solar System, you might head for the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. That’s where you can find ancient rocks from the Solar System’s early days. Out there in the cold vacuum of space, far from the Sun, asteroids are largely untouched by space … Read more

Physicists Say They’ve Built an Atom Laser That Can Run ‘Forever’

A new breakthrough has allowed physicists to create a beam of atoms that behaves the same way as a laser, and that can theoretically stay on “forever”. This might finally mean the technology is on its way to practical application, although significant limitations still apply. Nevertheless, this is a huge step forward for what is … Read more

At 1.4 Million Mph, Astronomers Detected One of The Fastest Cosmic Objects of Its Kind

When massive stars die, they don’t do so quietly. Their deaths are spectacularly brilliant affairs that light up the cosmos, a supernova explosion that sends star guts punching out into space in a cloud of splendor. Meanwhile, the core of the star-that-was can linger on, collapsed into an ultra-dense neutron star or black hole. If … Read more

Breeding 2,000 Generations of Bacteria May Have Solved This Major Debate in Biology

Since the dawn of genetics in the early 20th century, biologists have debated whether evolution is driven more by chance mutations or by the original diversity in the gene pool. Having a lot of genetic options to choose from might make natural selection move a lot faster at the start, but do the genetic mutations … Read more

Plants Appear to Be Breaking Biochemistry Rules by Making ‘Secret Decisions’

Researchers have just discovered a previously unknown process that makes sense of the ‘secret decisions’ plants make when releasing carbon back into the atmosphere. “We found that plants control their respiration in a way we did not expect, they control how much of the carbon from photosynthesis they keep to build biomass by using a … Read more

A Rogue Black Hole Roaming Our Galaxy May Have Just Been Confirmed

The first detection of what appears to be a rogue black hole drifting through the Milky Way, revealed earlier this year, just got important validation. A second team of scientists, conducting a separate, independent analysis, has reached almost the same finding, adding weight to the idea that we’ve potentially identified a rogue black hole wandering … Read more

The ‘Cosmic Dawn’ of Our Universe Ended Far Later Than We Thought

For tens of millions of years, our newborn Universe was shrouded in hydrogen. Bit by bit, this vast mist was torn apart by the light of the very first stars in a dawn that defined the shape of the emerging cosmos. Having a timeline for this colossal shift would go a long way in helping … Read more