This Electronic Tattoo Can Measure Your Blood Pressure Better Than a Smartwatch

Getting a new tattoo isn’t only about looking cool (or making a decision you’ll regret years later)—it could also save your life. At least, that’s the idea behind a new electronic tattoo that can continuously and unobtrusively measure your blood pressure. In a paper published Monday in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, a team from the … Read more

You can see 5 planets align this month in a rare astronomical conjunction

Earthlings are able to see five of their closest planetary neighbors all lined up in a row this month. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are aligned in their natural order across the morning sky in a rare conjunction. In astronomical terms, conjunction is when two or more objects appear to line up in the … Read more

behind the scenes at the Cupertino headquarters

The topic of the day. Located at Cupertino in California, Apple’s headquarters is the subject of many questions. Usually closed to the public, the company decided to open the doors of its building toimpressive architecture, to journalists. Today, the vastness of the seats is no longer shocking. After Facebook, Amazon and Google, these offices that … Read more