The ‘Great Dying’ that happened 252 million years ago was followed by ‘a dramatic rebirth of life’

The Great Dying, Earth’s largest-ever mass extinction, wiped out 90 percent of life on Earth 250 million years ago, but this devastating period was followed by ‘a dramatic rebirth of life’ where animals evolved to be faster and smarter than their dead ancestors , according to a new study. A team of paleontologists, led by … Read more

Meteorite that landed on Earth 200 years ago upends previous theories of how Mars formed

A meteorite that hit Earth more than 200 years ago could fundamentally change our understanding of how Mars was formed. Most of what we know about the Red Planet’s interior comes from three space rocks that landed on our planet after being blasted off Mars by impacts. They include the Chassingy meteorite, which came down … Read more

Gallstone from a mummified 16th century prince used to reconstruct the ancient genome of E. coli

When you think about precious crown jewels, a 400-year-old gallstone is probably not what springs to mind! However, a team of scientists have found something very valuable inside calcified balls extracted from a 16th century Italian prince’s gallbladder. Remnants of early E. Coli were found to be present, and researchers from McMaster University in Canada … Read more

Earth’s inner core ‘oscillates’ over a mile every six years, study claims

When Jules Verne wrote ‘A Journey to the Center of the Earth’ over 150 years ago, he imagined a land of glowing crystals, turbulent seas, prehistoric animals and giant mushrooms. But what actually lies beneath our feet remains a mystery – even today we know more about the rings of Saturn than the interior of … Read more