when parents regret their child’s first name

By Lea Mabilon Posted 3 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago According to a survey published in 2019, nearly one in seven parents regret their child’s first name. Getty Images DECRYPTION – We carefully prepare for his coming into the world. Paint the walls of his room, buy his clothes and of course, choose his … Read more

Controversy after the distribution of a poster of the Red Cross with a veiled woman

In order to prevent risks linked to the heat wave, the Red Cross has posted images on social networks. A veiled woman dressed in a long dress is represented, bottle of water in her hand. As a wave of suffocating heat descends on France, the French Red Cross recalls the few precautions to be taken. … Read more

“Our daughter is in a vegetative state”, the overwhelming testimony of the parents of a victim

Léna, 12, is “locked in her body» after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with E. coli. Stunned, his parents say they “lost [leur] daughter”. “She was near death. She is now locked in her body”. This is how Cédric, this 49-year-old father, describes the ordeal suffered by his child. “Because of a 5-ball pizza”, he … Read more

Europe’s largest meat-eating dinosaur found on Isle of Wight

June 9 (Reuters) – Fossilized bones discovered on a rocky seashore on England’s Isle of Wight are the remains of a meat-eating dinosaur that may be larger than any other known from Europe, a beast that was a cousin of the biggest carnivorous dinosaur species we record. Paleontologists said on Thursday they have found parts … Read more