ISS Swerves to Avoid Debris From Russian Missile Test

The International Space Station last week was forced to dodge debris from a past Russian anti-satellite missile test, reports. Last Thursday, Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, utilized a cargo ship that was docked at the ISS to push the station away from a piece of space debris that came from the destruction of a defunct … Read more

Scientists Spot Fastest-Growing Black Hole That Engulfs Equivalent Of 1 Earth Per Second

New Delhi: A black hole which is swallowing mass equivalent to an Earth each second has been spotted by astronomers. This is the fastest-growing black hole of the last 9 billion years. The discovery has been recently made by an international team led by astronomers from the Australian National University (ANU). The black hole shines … Read more

New Images Show The Dust in Nearby Galaxies, And You’ve Never Seen Them Like This

When we see pictures of galaxies outside the Milky Way, what we’re usually looking at is primarily the light of their stars. But stars are far from the only ingredient that makes up a galaxy. Think of stars as the chunks of vegetables in the galactic soup. The broth, then, in which they float, is … Read more

NASA spots ‘shiny metal foil’ on Mars in strange photo – can you solve the mystery?

NASA has stumbled across an “unexpected” shiny object on Mars. The space agency’s Perseverance rover spotted the metal foil-like item during a routine wander. But before you start speculating about aliens, the truth behind is a lot closer to home. It turns out the material is one of NASA’s own. Experts revealed the “surprise” finding … Read more

You can see 5 planets align this month in a rare astronomical conjunction

Earthlings are able to see five of their closest planetary neighbors all lined up in a row this month. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are aligned in their natural order across the morning sky in a rare conjunction. In astronomical terms, conjunction is when two or more objects appear to line up in the … Read more

NASA launches UFO study despite ‘reputational risk’ | Space News

The US space agency’s announcement comes as the study of unidentified flying objects gains more mainstream attention. NASA has announced it will begin a study of UFOs – a subject that has long fascinated the public – as part of a new push towards high-risk, high-impact science. The United States space agency said on Thursday … Read more