Engineers Are Working to Fix a Mysterious Glitch on The Voyager 1 Probe

In May, NASA scientists said the Voyager 1 spacecraft was sending back inaccurate data from its attitude-control system. The mysterious glitch is still ongoing, according to the mission’s engineering team. Now, in order to find a fix, engineers are digging through decades-old manuals. Voyager 1, along with its twin Voyager 2, launched in 1977 with … Read more

Nanoracks Performs First Test of ISS Waste Disposal Technology

A bag of ISS waste is jettisoned from the Bishops Airlock on July 2, 2022. gif: Nanoracks/Gizmodo Private space company Nanoracks has announced the successful first test of a new technology to get rid of trash from the International Space Station. Tea International Space Station may seem glamorous, but astronauts aboard the orbital outpost still … Read more

The Coolest Images Taken by NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

Artist’s impression of New Horizons. Image: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has seen amazing things since it launched over sixteen years ago. it has cruised by Jupiter, peeked at erupting volcanoes on Io, and most famously, zipped past Pluto, becoming the first spacecraft to visit a dwarf planet. The spacecraft is now about 4.3 billion … Read more

Rover Gathers Rocks on Active Volcano to Simulate Moon Mission

The four-wheeled, two-armed Interact rover spent four days collecting rocks on Mount Etna. Photo: ESA While working out of a hotel room in Italy, astronaut Thomas Reiter commanded a four-wheeled robot to pick up rocks from the surface of an active volcano on the Sicilian east coast, and he did so while role-playing as though … Read more

NASA’s CAPSTONE Now Heading to the Moon

Conceptual image of CAPSTONE in orbit around the Moon.Image: NASA An important milestone has been reached in the newly launched CAPSTONE mission, as the tiny probe, moving in excess of 24,000 miles per hour, has escaped low Earth orbit and begun its four-month trek to the Moon. CAPSTONE, short for Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology … Read more

LightSail 2 Mission Poised to Burn Up in Earth’s Atmosphere

LightSail 2 spacecraft captured this image on June 11, 2022, which shows Madagascar and a portion of Mozambique.Image: The Planetary Society For the past three years, a tiny loaf-of-bread-sized spacecraft with gigantic wings has been sailing on sunbeams in low Earth orbit. LightSail 2 has far exceeded its life expectancy and proven that solar sails … Read more

SpaceX Mounts Starship Booster on Texas Launch Tower

SpaceX’s massive Super Heavy booster stage is now standing (very) tall on the company’s launch pad in south Texas, as it awaits a series of tests and final checks. The company is eager to launch the fully stacked Starship rocket for a flight test as early as July, but a number of regulatory hurdles still … Read more

Mars Spacecraft Finally Upgrading From Windows 98 Era Software

An illustration of the Mars Express spacecraft which launched in 2003.Drawing: ESA The days of dial-up internet, AOL Instant Messenger, and Myspace may be over on Earth, but on Mars, the early years of the internet still live on. A Martian spacecraft has been running on software designed more than 20 years ago in a … Read more

NASA to Launch CAPSTONE Mission on Monday June 27

A tiny satellite is poised to set the stage for something far grander: a full-blown lunar space station. NASA’s CAPSTONE satellite is scheduled to launch on Monday and then travel to a unique lunar orbit in a pathfinder mission for the Artemis programwhich is seeking to return humans to the Moon later this decade. CAPSTONE … Read more

NASA’s Dust-Choked InSight Lander Likely Won’t Make It to the End of the Year

NASA announced in May that its InSight Mars lander—a spacecraft that has spent nearly four years investigating Martian geology and seismic activity—would likely scientific cease operations in mid-summer and terminate all operations by the end of the year, due to low power levels. Now, the agency plans to stretch InSight’s scientific endeavors until late August … Read more