Skin Mites That Mate on Our Faces at Night Are Slowly Merging With Humans

If you are reading this, you are probably not alone. Most people on Earth are habitats for mites that spend the majority of their brief lives burrowed, head-first, in our hair follicles, primarily of the face. In fact, humans are the only habitat for Demodex folliculorum. They are born on us, they feed on us, … Read more

Astronomers Unveil The Most Detailed Map of The Metal Asteroid Psyche Yet

If you wanted to do a forensic study of the Solar System, you might head for the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. That’s where you can find ancient rocks from the Solar System’s early days. Out there in the cold vacuum of space, far from the Sun, asteroids are largely untouched by space … Read more

New Images Show The Dust in Nearby Galaxies, And You’ve Never Seen Them Like This

When we see pictures of galaxies outside the Milky Way, what we’re usually looking at is primarily the light of their stars. But stars are far from the only ingredient that makes up a galaxy. Think of stars as the chunks of vegetables in the galactic soup. The broth, then, in which they float, is … Read more

At 1.4 Million Mph, Astronomers Detected One of The Fastest Cosmic Objects of Its Kind

When massive stars die, they don’t do so quietly. Their deaths are spectacularly brilliant affairs that light up the cosmos, a supernova explosion that sends star guts punching out into space in a cloud of splendor. Meanwhile, the core of the star-that-was can linger on, collapsed into an ultra-dense neutron star or black hole. If … Read more

A Hitchhiking Rock Has Traveled With The Perseverance Rover For More Than 120 Days

Roaming Mars is a lonely existence for NASA’s Perseverance, but the exploratory rover now has a traveling companion: a hitchhiking “pet rock” that got stuck in one of its wheels. Luckily, the Martian stone won’t impact the rover’s science mission and is only a minor inconvenience – like having a pebble stuck in your shoe. … Read more