Can a Future Fleet of Robotic Fish Clean Up Microplastic Pollution in the Ocean?

Microplastics are a threat. They’ve been found everywhere from the top of Mount Everest to melted Antarctic snow. Microplastics have even been found circulating in human blood. But perhaps the place where they are having the worst impact is in Earth’s oceans. Plastic is the single most common debris in the sea—often breaking down over … Read more

Lenovo wants to compete with Apple in the computer market

Lenovo, world number one in volume on the computer market, made Apple “its first competitor”. And it shows. Its new Yoga range PCs, with their rounded brushed aluminum design, bear a strange resemblance to Macs. Any similarity with an existing or having existed device is therefore far from being fortuitous. This formal offensive has taken … Read more

NASA’s Dust-Choked InSight Lander Likely Won’t Make It to the End of the Year

NASA announced in May that its InSight Mars lander—a spacecraft that has spent nearly four years investigating Martian geology and seismic activity—would likely scientific cease operations in mid-summer and terminate all operations by the end of the year, due to low power levels. Now, the agency plans to stretch InSight’s scientific endeavors until late August … Read more

NASA Set for Latest Megarocket Launch Rehearsal—and the Pressure Is On

The Orion capsule atop SLS, with the full Moon in the background. Photo: NASA Kennedy NASA is under immense pressure to succeed this weekend during its fourth attempt at a launch rehearsal for its Space Launch System. Another failed test of the gigantic rocket would be an embarrassing—and worrying—setback for the Artemis Moon program, which … Read more

Astra’s stock drops after rocket failed to deliver NASA mission to orbit

The company’s LV0010 rocket stands on the launchpad at Florida’s Cape Canaveral ahead of the NASA TROPICS-1 mission. astra Shares of rocket-builder Astra fell sharply in trading on Monday after a weekend launch carrying NASA satellites failed to reach orbit. Astra’s rocket LV0010 took off on Sunday from launch complex 46 at Cape Canaveral in … Read more

NASA’s Delayed Psyche Launch Presents Major Headache for Ride-Along Mission

Artist’s conception of the twin Janus probes. Image: Lockheed Martin A software glitch has caused the delay of Psyche, a NASA mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid. Two small probes are being included in the launch, but the postponement means they might not be able to rendezvous with their respective target asteroids. Psyche, a probe … Read more

behind the scenes at the Cupertino headquarters

The topic of the day. Located at Cupertino in California, Apple’s headquarters is the subject of many questions. Usually closed to the public, the company decided to open the doors of its building toimpressive architecture, to journalists. Today, the vastness of the seats is no longer shocking. After Facebook, Amazon and Google, these offices that … Read more