The singer is “still recovering” says his wife

Like many French people, Daniel Lévi faces the test of illness. In 2019, the singer had discovered that he had colon cancer diagnosed late. Although quite modest about his illness, the one who revealed himself in the musical The ten Commandments for having played the role of Moses, had however given his news last February, … Read more

Emma Smet, Julie Pietri… in the cast of the next season?

It’s one of the most anticipated back-to-school programs on TF1 and rumors are rife about the cast for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Indeed, according to information from our colleagues from the magazine Closer, the actress Emma Smet has already agreed to tread the dancefloor of the front page, in the same … Read more

Nathalie Saint-Cricq reveals her salary to France Télévisions with 35 years of seniority

In an interview, the public service figure reveals his monthly stamp and denies any collusion between journalists and political figures. Nathalie Saint-Cricq without taboo. On June 22, the political columnist for France 2 spoke in the Politalks podcast, available on Deezer and Spotify. Asked about her stamp, she did not evade the question. “I earn … Read more

Two actors die on the set of a Netflix series in Mexico

The filming of‘Chosen for alla Brazilian series called The Chosen One in its original version, was interrupted Thursday after the drama. Six other people were injured. Drama on the sidelines of a shoot. Raymundo Gurdano and Juan Francisco Aguilar, two actors from the Netflix original series Chosen among all (The Chosen Oneaccording to the original … Read more

Hugo Becker in the cast of the Apple TV+ series with Juliette Binoche, John Malkovich…

Before resuming his role as Paul Gallo in season 3 of I promise youthe French adaptation of This is us on TF1, Hugo Becker began filming the series in May The New Look, for Apple TV+. This new project signed Todd A. Kessler, to whom we owe in particular The Sopranos, retraces the rivalry between … Read more

The sanction of the 1st year has fallen… The summaries of this week’s episodes

Monday, June 13, episode 420 : Constance is forced to open her eyes. In the kitchen, hours of preparation go down the drain. New subject of tension between Rose and Clotilde… Tuesday, June 14, episode 421 : The day before the 1st year events, celebrations are in full swing. A dramatic twist for Charlene, the … Read more

Delphine Wespiser outraged by Jean-Pascal who defends bullfighting in TPMP (VIDEO)

The tension went up a notch last night, Friday June 10, on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. The animated program, as often on Fridays by Benjamin Castaldi, was interested in the thorny subject of bullfighting. Indeed, a few days ago, the actress Carole Bouquet had been strongly criticized for having attended the … Read more