Taiwan accuses Apple’s Chinese supplier of stealing trade secrets

Taiwan wants to fight against the technological plunder that it considers to be suffering from Chinese companies and shows it. On July 15, prosecutors officially accused Luxshare Precision Industry of having deliberately targeted one of its Taiwanese competitors to become an Apple supplier more quickly, reports Reuters.

Theft of trade secrets in the form of poaching

The Chinese company is accused of having poached the research and development team of its Taiwanese competitor Catcher Technology. She would have offered higher salaries to the team based in China and would have, at the same time, stolen trade secrets.

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For prosecutors, the purpose of the operation was simply to ” quickly build factories and mass produce cases for iPhones, iPads and other products “. Thus Luxshare Precision Industry would have gained time to enter “ in Apple’s production line to get orders “.

Catcher Technology, which also makes iPhone and iPad cases, said it would continue to protect its intellectual property. She also reported collaborating with the investigation by prosecutors in New Taipei, a territory encircling the capital of Taiwan.

Taiwan wants to protect its companies from China’s technological appetites

For several months the authorities of the island have decided to redouble their efforts against Chinese companies. The latter are accused of plundering the know-how of their counterparts in Taiwan, by poaching their know-how.

A hundred companies are suspected of seeking to illegally recruit Taiwanese engineers. If they can recruit employees in Taiwan, certain technological sectors are prohibited, in particular the most strategic of the island, the semiconductors.

In May, a dozen Chinese settlements were raided on this basis.

In a statement on the ongoing case, Taiwan authorities explain that ” the ministry will do its best to investigate these cases in order to maintain the healthy development of our country’s enterprises and ensure the competitiveness of domestic industries “.

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