The Apple Watch is now being used for monitoring Parkinson’s disease

If the Apple Watch dominates the market for smartwatches, it is largely thanks to the features offered by Apple in terms of health and well-being monitoring. With the addition of functions such as the ECG or the SpO2 sensor for the oxygen level in the blood, the firm continues to focus on this area.

And in addition to features developed by Apple, other companies are also finding new uses for the Apple Watch in healthcare. For example, the startup Rune Labs uses Apple’s connected watches to provide better monitoring of Parkinson’s disease.

Rune Labs app gets green light from US authorities

In a press release published recently, the latter announced that it had obtained authorization from the FDA, the American regulator of the health sector, to collect data from people with Parkinson’s disease via an application for the Apple Watch.

She explains that by combining the technologies of the connected watch with the symptoms declared by the patient, and other medical data, her application StrivePD will allow better care as well as better clinical trials.

According to the startup, physicians currently make decisions about patient care based on limited amounts of data.

“When people with Parkinson’s are prescribed new medications, adjusting how much to take and when to take it until they find something that works can be a long process. StrivePD helps people track their symptoms and improvements”explains Aura Oslapas, the creator of the StrivePD mobile application, herself suffering from the disease.

“StrivePD on Apple Watch is the long-awaited union of quantitative and qualitative data that drives better care and communication between patients and clinicians, while empowering people with Parkinson’s who are striving to live better each day “she adds.

Useful for patient management, but also for clinical trials

This app collects data using the Movement Disorder API. This records tremors and dyskinetic symptoms in patients.

Moreover, this application will not only improve the quality of care for people with the disease, it could also promote the discovery of new treatments. Indeed, the application can also be used to collect data in the context of clinical trials.

“With all the data we will collect and the patients we will reach through this authorization, we will ensure that the right participants enroll in trials and help our pharmaceutical and medical partners conduct more effective trials with results data. quality, allowing more therapies to come to market quickly to help people with Parkinson’s disease.”rejoices Rune Labs.

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