The Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale and it’s still excellent

During the summer, take advantage of the Rakuten offer and treat yourself to this Apple Watch Series 7 connected watch presented at an indecent price.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the best price on products as popular as Apple’s newly released Apple Watch Series 7. It is a high-end product that meets consumer expectations. Despite all these elements, Rakuten did not hesitate to make this connected watch accessible to as many people as possible with a price reduction of 16%.

So you get 68 euros in savings on its initial price by buying it for only 359.66 euros on Rakuten. Treating yourself to a high-performance and elegant connected watch is now within everyone’s reach. And if you prefer to pay in installments, it’s also possible from 89 euros per month. One thing is certain, this watch will do much more than just give you the time since it includes a precise health and sports measurement tool.

Apple Watch Series 7 promo: great discount on the connected watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 is only 359.66 euros on Rakuten, quickly take advantage of the 68 euros in savings. It has a larger and expanded screen to allow you to use all the applications you want without problems. You can even doodle and write notes from your Apple Watch screen. It allows you to perform ECGs on demand to monitor the condition of your heart and find out if you have any arrhythmias. In addition, she can measure your blood oxygen level to know precisely if your blood is sufficiently oxygenated. In addition, it recharges in record time by taking 80% energy in just 45 minutes. Find maps directly on your wrist to guide you during your cycling sessions and follow the data of your different sports to know how much you spend and how to improve. Millions of songs can be easily taken with your Apple Watch Series 7. And with cellular connectivity, you can stay in touch with loved ones and receive notifications even when away from your phone.

The Apple Watch Series 7 at a price of 359.66 euros instead of 428.90 euros at Rakuten

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