The company Biobleud, in Ploudaniel, received the CSR trophy from the Club des entreprises Légendes Iroise Abers – Ploudaniel

Biobleud is a company of 35 employees, based in Mescoden, in Ploudaniel, which has been manufacturing organic pie and pizza dough for thirty years. During the Corporate Trophies organized by the Celia (Club of Iroise Abers Legends Companies), Biobleud received the CSR prize (corporate social responsibility).

In 2017, Emmanuelle Junblunt and Véfa Zanchi, co-managers, chose to formalize the approach by involving all employees. For this, the team was brought together for a day of collective intelligence, to define the purpose of the company and work around the six pillars of sustainable development.

Waste reduction

Between 2018 and 2020, the amount of waste produced increased by 9.4%, while that of pasta produced increased by 54%. Reduced to one ton, this represents a 30% reduction in waste per ton of pasta. The manufacturing process has been reviewed in order to reduce the quantity of bio-waste by almost 50%, the recovery method for which has also been reviewed thanks to a local organic pig farmer, Virgile Bleunven, from Plabennec, who recovers pasta clippings for feeding his pigs.

An approach in the DNA of the company

The CSR approach, at the heart of Biobleud’s strategy, has been in the company’s DNA for several years. All decisions are taken from the angle of respect for nature and people. “We are now beginning to be recognized as such. We are increasingly asked to talk about our approach. We also realized, during the first confinement linked to the covid-19 pandemic, that having a strong CSR approach made our company more resilient. Our teams have organized themselves to respond present and no one has stopped. Our suppliers have done their best to supply us with raw materials and packaging. We have therefore managed to honor all our orders, during a period when they have doubled”.

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