the EU, Google, Microsoft and Facebook join forces, without Apple

It is a major agreement that has been reached between the European Union and American Tech giants such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Google, Twitch, and Twitter. These companies are committed to respecting new rules to better fight against online misinformation.

Apple has already taken tough stances on misinformation

A major surprise slips into the list of signatories and it is of particular interest to us here. Indeed, Apple does not appear there and it is particularly notable on the part of a company which has always acted rather firmly on this subject. We remember in particular that in the past, Apple had not hesitated to ban the social network Parler for a few months.

The apple brand then felt that the platform was not making enough effort at moderation and was letting too much false information pass. This had happened in the wake of the assault on the Capitol in Washington and following the ousting of Donald Trump from the main social networks.

The reasons for Apple’s absence are still unknown, but it is also possible that the Tech giant will join this effort a little later. In any case, the measures provided for by this new code of conduct provide for quite ambitious measures.

The main one is to deprive sites that disseminate false information of publicity. Money being the sinews of war, this could hurt some portals which often collect substantial amounts through this activity.

Similarly, the platforms will have to identify, react or report this fake news very quickly. They will also have to help fact-checking organizations, and support researchers working on these subjects by providing them with anonymized data.

Do not panic, however, there is no question of harming freedom of expression online. The idea is therefore not to delete content, but rather to highlight more reliable information. – Official App

By: Keleops AG

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