The list of what Apple has “Sherlocked” on iOS 16

If at first glance this may seem contradictory, there is actually not only positive for developers at WWDC, Apple’s annual conference for them. On the negative side, there are what are known in the jargon as “Sherlocked” apps by Apple. Explanations of this reality which also affects the developers of tweaks for the jailbreak.

Be careful not to get Sherlocked by Apple!

The more time passes, the more Apple takes up space in our daily lives. In addition to improving its products for sale, the Cupertino company is embarking on many areas and expanding its capabilities to the maximum.

During WWDC2022, precisely dedicated to developers, Apple presented iOS16, iPadOS16, macOS13… The opportunity to discover a ton of new features and especially new features. However, who says new features says no longer need to go through a third-party application on the App Store.

In the USA, fans of the brand have given this process a word of mouth, sherlocked. This term represents when Apple introduces a new function integrated into its ecosystem, which means that applications that did the same thing will lose interest.

ios 16 blue header

For once, here is the list of features and applications Sherlocked by Apple during the Keynote at the beginning of the month.

  • The ability to use your iPhone as the main webcam on your Mac
  • Apple Pay Later: pay in 4 instalments free of charge directly via Apple Pay
  • Visual search: offers the possibility of clipping an element via a “long press” on an image and pasting it elsewhere
  • Medication tracking in the Health app
  • Sleep tracking (different phases) in the Health app
  • Freeform: new application for group work

All these new features were already achievable via applications available on the App Store. When iOS 16 is released next September, there is no doubt that they will lose a significant number of users, especially when we know Apple’s talent for making things simpler and more fluid than elsewhere.

The life of a developer on iOS is not easy…

Feel free to give us your opinion and even come back to previous features Sherlocked by Apple on iOS 15, 14, etc. For example, the American giant had introduced the Translate app two years ago, or even filters in its Photos application.

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