The Mac’s iPhone webcam: Camo goes further than Apple’s Continuity Camera

Camo recalls to our good memory, and it’s actually quite timely: Apple presented during WWDC a new Continuity Camera function which comes directly to walk on the flowerbeds of this application. It turns the iPhone into a webcam for the Mac, a feature all the more useful since for a long time Apple did nothing to improve the poor video quality of the webcams on its computers.

Get started with Camo, the app that replaces your Mac’s webcam with an iPhone

Reincubate, the publisher of Camo, played on velvet by launching its solution at the start of the health crisis, when video meetings were inevitably becoming fashionable. Did Camo eat his white bread? Continuity Camera, which is integrated into iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, is indeed transparent, powerful and… free.

Despite everything, there are still some advantages to Camo, such as these themes (which look like business cards) that can be applied over the video stream. Version 1.7 strengthens this function, which appeared last October, with richer editing possibilities. In fact, the app offers a real workshop for making themes.

17 themes are available, but it is possible to modify them or simply start from scratch, without the need for specialized software on the side. During video calls, it is possible to switch from one theme to another with a keyboard shortcut. And we can share our favorite models with the community.

Camo does not stop at Mac support: the application is also compatible with Windows and Android, it offers more controls on image quality, augmented reality effects, support for businesses. However, the app requires a wired connection while Continuity Camera can work wirelessly.

Far from being demoralized by this “sherlocking” of Apple, Reincubate shows that it is possible to innovate and do better than the manufacturer on its land. This was also the demonstration made by Astro HQ, the publisher of Astropad, software that makes the iPad an external screen for the Mac. In 2019, the Sidecar function launched by Apple could have been fatal to the studio, but it was able to bounce back.

Sidecar vs Luna Display: when Apple is sherlocked by smarter

Sidecar vs Luna Display: when Apple is sherlocked by smarter

Camo, which requires downloading a Mac client and an iOS app, can be used for free. A Pro version unlocks all features for €40.79 per year.


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