The mother of two children contaminated by a Buitoni pizza welcomes the opening of a judicial investigation


  • A judicial inquiry has also been opened for involuntary injuries for 14 other complainants.
  • A total of 56 people were infected with E. Coli bacteria after eating Buitoni pizzas and two died.

“It is a relief, entrusts Stephanie Vuidot, the mother of two children infected with the bacteria E. coli. after eating Buitoni pizzas, on BFM TV. A huge relief for us, our family, and for all the victims who have been through what we have been through. I am thinking of all the families who have had to endure this and especially those who have lost a child. It’s a terrible tragedy.” The reason for this relief is the opening of a judicial investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “manslaughter”.

Kidney problems in children

For several weeks, Buitoni pizzas have been at the heart of a health scandal. Indeed, the brand belonging to the Nestlé group is accused of having marketed products contaminated with E. coli bacteria. Thus, many children would have developed side effects such as kidney failure.

On March 18, some contaminated pizzas were withdrawn from sale by Buitoni. But Stéphanie’s children had eaten it on February 11 and had therefore fallen ill. Today, they are safe and sound but the mother remains worried: “Anyway with this disease, we know that even if the kidney functions return, the kidney damage is present, and chronic kidney failure can return in adulthood, explained Stephanie on BFMTV. We are going to live in anguish for a long time, I think”.

“For all the families, it is a huge trauma”

Although the health authorities have given the alert of an upsurge in contamination with the bacterium E. Coli. as of last February, the link with Buitoni pizzas was only established on March 30. Thus, many consumers have been victims. “For all the families, it’s a huge trauma what we went through, says Stephanie. I don’t wish that on anyone. I would like these large companies that we trust, us consumers, to no longer be able to subject entire families to this like the epidemic that we have just experienced”.

From now on, Stéphanie hopes that the judicial information will make it possible to judge the case and that “all wrongs be acknowledged”.

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