The punchline of the Top 14 semi-finals. “An anti-Dupont plan? We make him eat Buitoni pizzas” laughs Pierre-Henri Broncan

The Castres arrived safely in Nice this Wednesday, after arriving in Monaco and training on the Monaco Rugby pitch.

The Riviera where the heat is less stifling than in Occitania. On the eve of an unprecedented semi-final between Castres and Toulouse for 10 years, the Tarnais went through the imposed exercise of the pre-match press conference this Thursday. Castres manager Pierre-Henri Broncan underlined the importance of this semi-final in which “there is not too much fatigue, recovery is faster than in the middle of winter” cutting short questions about the supposed state of fatigue of Toulouse, after their quarter-final win against La Rochelle last weekend.


No lack of rhythm either for the Castres? “We are well prepared” explained PHB for whom the notion of derby is not relevant in this meeting “The derby is when you play in Toulouse or Castres, we didn’t talk about the derby, we play a half and that’s it” he specified, “there are no good or bad draws, it would have been the same preparation against La Rochelle”.

Is it possible to put in place an anti-Antoine Dupont plan, the best player in the world, we asked him: “We make him eat Buitoni pizza before the game and it will be fine” laughed the boss of the sportsman who delighted with a few short sentences in his tongue-in-cheek style; he became serious again to evoke the under-mediatization of which the CO is a victim, “it’s good not to quote us, it takes the pressure off us”. CO “a club often present over the last ten years” who “always had character” he recalled, citing the final won in 1993 against the Mammoths of Grenoble. “In Castres there is not 1 km of motorway, we are completely landlocked and that is our strength, it allows us to be among ourselves” then “it created a symbiosis”… Forgot the 41-0 against Toulouse at the start of the season, Castres Olympique “has progressed“, “not going to innovate” tomorrow night and “will not be a spectator of the semi-final” he promised. Alea jacta is.

BV with our special correspondent Gilles Gauthier.

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