The sanction of the 1st year has fallen… The summaries of this week’s episodes

Monday, June 13, episode 420 : Constance is forced to open her eyes. In the kitchen, hours of preparation go down the drain. New subject of tension between Rose and Clotilde…

Tuesday, June 14, episode 421 : The day before the 1st year events, celebrations are in full swing. A dramatic twist for Charlene, the little princess uncovers her rags. At La table des Rivières, a new delivery man has arrived.

Wednesday, June 15, episode 422 : A muddy awakening in the swamps… with disastrous consequences. Secret honeymoon with the Teyssiers. While a friendship is born at La table des Rivières.

Thursday, June 16, episode 423 : Stupor at the institute, the sanction of the 1st year has fallen. For her part, Rose makes an ambitious proposal to Clotilde. In the kitchen, Charlène finds her crown and her pedestal.

Friday, June 17, episode 424 : Amber stands up to Teyssier: the sanction is terrible. Between Philippe and Axel, the hour of confrontation has come. Tension in the kitchen: between Charlène and Célia, things are heating up.

With: Aurélie Pons (Salomé Dekens), Julie Sassoust (Anaïs Grimbert), Azize Diabaté (Enzo Lopez), Catherine Marchal (Claire Guinot), Elsa Lunghini (Clotilde Armand), Zoï Severin (Jasmine Kasmi), Mikael Mittelstadt (Greg Delobel) , Nicolas Anselmo (Eliott Prevost), Frédéric Diefenthal (Antoine Myriel), Vanessa Demouy (Rose Latour), Bruno Putzulu (Guillaume Devault), Benjamin Baroche (Emmanuel Teyssier), Fabian Wolfrom (Louis Guinot), Pola Petrenko (Charlène Teyssier), Marvin Pellegrino (Mehdi Mabsoute), Catherine Davydzenka (Hortense Rochemont), Agustin Galiana (Lisandro Inesta), Khaled Alouach (Théo Teyssier), Rébecca Benhamour (Célia Gaissac), Terence Telle (Gaëtan Rivière), Axelle Dodier (Kelly Rigaut), Claire Romain (Ambre Martin), Tom Darmon (Tom Azem), Kathy Packianathan (Deva Syed), Julien Alluguette (Zacharie Landiras), Thomas Da Costa (Axel Teyssier), Sandra Valentin (Lola Teyssier), François Dominique Blin (Philippe Teyssier)

It all starts here: Monday to Friday, at 6:30 p.m. on TF1. Episodes are also available 48 hours in advance on the Salto platform.


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