these emails which weaken the version of one of his accusers

BFM TV INFO – Jean-Luc Lahaye was released on May 24 after spending more than six months in the prison of La Santé. BFMTV was able to consult emails sent by one of his accusers between 2015 and 2020, which played in favor of his release.

These are dozens and dozens of messages. Some written with a child’s pen, others containing very explicit sexual propositions. On May 24, the Paris Court of Appeal decided to release Jean-Luc Lahaye after more than six months of pre-trial detention in the prison of La Santé. A few weeks earlier, his lawyers had communicated to the investigating judges numerous emails sent to the singer by one of the two complainants. Messages dating from January 24, 2015 to April 3, 2020, which they claim “contradict” his version of events.

Today, Roxane (her first name has been changed) accuses Jean-Luc Lahaye of having raped her for years, in particular by imposing certain practices on her to which she did not want to consent. But at the time of these emails, and when she was 17, she spoke of an assumed relationship with the one who was then her idol.

“I remember your gestures, your voice. I constantly draw from this past that we have in common, nothing is more beautiful. I miss you. I want your gaze on me, all your manifestations that have become synonymous of happiness. But you’re not here and I’m helpless. So I encourage myself day and night, anticipating the moment when we will be together again and stronger than before”, she sends him before sign: “Your little wife.”

“You are not a pedophile”

In these exchanges, Roxane does not hide her age difference with Jean-Luc Lahaye either. And the criticisms of which it is the object in public opinion, in this regard.

“Above all, defend yourself, it’s important,” she implored him one day.

“You’re not a pedophile. A rapist either. Especially not! We all know that you’re not the guy to abuse a woman without her consent.” The young woman does not hesitate to talk about sex with Jean-Luc Lahaye either. To send him pictures of her naked, and to make him very explicit proposals.

In the jumble of e-mails that landed on the desk of the two investigating judges there are also a few threatening messages emanating from Roxane when she realizes that other women, including Jean-Luc Lahaye’s current partner, are trying to seduce him.

The issue of influence in the background

For the defense of the 69-year-old singer, these exchanges therefore shed new light on this whole affair. In order to give them weight, Jean-Luc Lahaye’s lawyers asked a bailiff to see the reality of the messages before submitting them to the procedure.

Conversely, for Nathalie Bucquet, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, this does not change anything. “I’m not particularly worried about all of this. I expected Jean-Luc Lahaye to be released at some point, in particular because of his age,” she told BFM TV.

“Roxane’s messages do not weaken the file”, assures the lawyer. “Because behind all that, it is the question of the influence that Jean-Luc Lahaye exercised over her and over Emelyne (the other complainant, whose name has also been changed) which arises. I remind you that they were both minors.

In their complaints, the two young women clearly explained that they had maintained a relationship with the singer and had given in to his wishes because of this “grip”. Free for three weeks, Jean-Luc Lahaye remains indicted for “rape of minors.”

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